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Elcam Medical's Social and Environmental activities

Along with our daily occupation of quality manufacturing, marketing, development, customer relations and more, we at Elcam's headquarters thought it would be right to engage in activities beyond our everyday tasks and chose to be active and committed to our surrounding society and environment.

Elcam on the top of the Green Rooftop: As part of our commitment to the environmental, Elcam medical has recently covered its facility roof with solar photovoltaic panels in order to exploit sun energy for generating electricity and to reduce emissions of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants.

  • Elcam Medical's environmental commitment is all about reserving our planet's environmental quality. For example, we intend to apply for the international standard of an environmental friendly plant (14001). Elcam has designated a team that is in charge of all these activities that include recycling of plastic bags, cartons and paper, reuse of our raw material (not for Elcam's prodcts or production), collection of metal waste. Our "Green team" is also working to increase awareness for paperless office and all around employee eduaction.

Social commitment in a children hostel. In 2008 Elcam's management decided on a company goal of social involvement. We chose to partner with a children hostel in our region of Israel. This hostel educates 50 children aged 4-16 from broken homes. Elcam's personnel arrive to the hostel weekly and organize activities like cooking, handiwork, sports and games, we celebrate the children's birthdays and arrange happenings on special occasions. Elcam also provides the hostel with a team of handymen for maintenance jobs. Sixty-five of our 200 employees are already involved in this worthwhile voluntary activity.

Elcam Medical believes that these activities will strengthen the sense of pride and identification of our employees with the company, and of course contribute some good to our surrounding society and environment.